• If you are having financial difficulties it is important that you talk to us. Help and advice is available - see our 'Paying an invoice - additional help' page.
  • If you have a query regarding a service please contact the relevant department direct.
  • Early communication is really important in helping to solve problems.
  • If payment is still not received the debt will be passed to the Revenues Enforcement team.

Actions which may be taken 

The following action may be taken if a payment plan is not agreed:

Final court action warning letter

A final court action warning letter will be issued. This includes a financial information form which invites a proposal for payment of the debt, however, it may not always be appropriate to accept payment by instalments. If you believe you should not have to pay the bill at this stage you must tell us. The court will expect you to act reasonably in exchanging information and documents relevant to the proceedings, and you should respond within 7 days. If court proceedings are issued it may affect your credit rating and you will be liable for any additional legal fees incurred. Late payment interest and additional costs will be claimed on all qualifying debts.

County Court proceedings

After a Final Court Action Warning letter has been issued, if the balance remains unpaid a County Court claim may be issued. This will result in a County Court Judgement (CCJ) which will affect your credit rating. Any costs incurred will be payable by you.

Once a CCJ has been obtained the court will be instructed to enforce payment. This can be through:

  • An order to attend the court for questioning
  • An attachment of earnings
  • Enforcement Agent action to seize goods
  • Bankruptcy proceedings (for debts over £750)
  • Third party debt order taken directly out of an account
  • A charging order may be obtained on your property which will remain in place until the property is sold. This may be enforced sooner by requesting an order for sale

Collection agency

Outstanding invoices may be referred to a collection agency who will call at your property to collect the outstanding amount.