Evidencing need in your grant application

We expect that strong grant applications will demonstrate that the project proposals are based on sound research and have clear evidence to show why they are needed. In a competitive funding environment, applications that show that they will best meet local need are most likely to secure support.

To support your research we have included maps and links to a range of publicly available data sources. Please note, we will only fund projects that primarily support Chichester District.

  • Census 2011: This is the most up to date data in terms of population, demographics and other neighbourhood level information.  This will aid you in describing your area as well as giving a background context.  You can also compare your local area to Chichester District as well as the South East and England.
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015: This is the latest data set released by Central Government that looks at low level deprivation across a range of topics.  These include income, employment, health and disability, education skills and training, barriers to housing and services, crime and living environment.  This data is available at local authority and lower super output area.  This data set can be ranked within Chichester District as well as nationally.
  • NomisLabour market statistics, these are particularly useful for unemployment data, which is updated monthly.

Think Family Neighbourhoods:

The funding priorities this year include 'Targeted Projects', particularly those supporting the Think Family agenda.  Think Family Neighbourhoods (TFNs) for Chichester District were generated using a number of criteria including indices of deprivation, crime and health data. Projects supporting these communities will be encouraged.

These neighbourhoods are in: Chichester East, Chichester South, Tangmere and Selsey North.  The detailed neighbourhoods can be found in the following lower super output area documents.

  • Chichester East 480
  • Chichester East 482
  • Chichester East 483
  • Chichester East 484
  • Chichester South 492
  • Selsey North 522
  • Tangmere 538
  • Tangmere 539