Council tax - bereavements

If a property has been left empty as a result of a bereavement then a full exemption may be applicable.

The criteria for this exemption is as follows:

  • Property has to be solely owned by the deceased or the tenancy has to still be in the name of the deceased, and;
  • Property must have been unoccupied since the date of death, and;
  • Property has to be in the name of the deceased whether that be as the owner, or the person that still holds the tenancy for the property, and;
  • Probate or letters of administration have not yet been granted (once granted the exemption will cease after six months, providing the above criteria is still met)

If the above criteria is not met then a local discount is awarded (0%, meaning a full charge is effectively payable).

To apply for this exemption please complete the class f exemption form

Property where an occupier has passed away

  • If a property remains occupied as a result of a bereavement and there is now only one occupier, then a 25% single resident discount may be applicable.

To apply for this discount please complete the single resident discount application form.

  • If there remains more than one adult occupier then no discount is applicable.