As well as the Southern Gateway Masterplan, the council's Cabinet  also considered and recommended the implementation plan for approval. This sets out how the project will be funded and provides a timeline for project completion.

Full Council will make the final decision on both the masterplan and the implementation plan when it meets on Wednesday 21 November. If approved, then the Southern Gateway Masterplan will become a Supplementary Planning Document.


The masterplan aims to:

  • deliver new homes;
  • business space;
  • leisure and tourism facilities;
  • improve transport links with more emphasis on cycling, walking and public; transport;
  • regenerate the cityscape area; and
  • improve the area's appearance.

Several sites make up the masterplan area: the bus station and garage; Basin Road car park; the law courts, Chichester Police Station and former Kinghsam Primary school and the Royal Mail depot buildings.

A public consultation took place from June to August this year which proposed possible uses for the area, plus two traffic options.

As a result of the consultation, a number of changes to the masterplan have been recommended to councillors.

  • Selecting traffic option A. This would introduce a bus gate across Stockbridge Road to limit vehicle access and improve access for cyclists and pedestrians.  Basin Road would also be realigned to create a new junction on Stockbridge Road. The Southgate Gyratory would be modified to reduce the width and number of lanes in order to improve pedestrian access.
  • Not including the buildings on the north of Avenue de Chartres in the masterplan.
  • Including information about how open space will be provided.

You can read the council report and associated documents

This project is part of the One Public Estate West Sussex programme which aims to reduce revenue costs, improve public services, release land for housing and economic growth.

Aims of the Southern Gateway Masterplan project:

The masterplan supports the Chichester Vision, adopted in July, which sets out how the public want the city to evolve over the next 20 years.

The top three things that people highlighted were to reduce traffic in the centre of Chichester, support independent businesses and create a better night time economy.

The Southern Gateway masterplan will help towards achieving these ambitions.

What are Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)?

These are documents which add further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design.

Supplementary planning documents are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the development plan.

Date of Release: 8 November 2017                     

Reference: 3766