This page shows results of consultations we have run over the last 2-3 years. Results from older consultations are available on request.

Southern Gateway masterplan consultation - 2017

The Chichester Vision identified the Southern Gateway area as a key entry point to the city and a wish to see the area enhanced. The development of a masterplan for the Southern Gateway aims to identify significant opportunities to make better use of the area and improve the experience for visitors, businesses and residents.

Public consultation aimed to gather the views of residents, businesses and other interested parties on the draft masterplan and the proposals within it. The survey summarised the 6 development opportunities and 4 public realm priorities and sought agreement figures and alternative ideas.

There are two reports available to view on this page; the first is a consultation report outlining the results of the public consultation, and the second is a report outlining the comments submitted through the Planning consultation system 'Objective'.

Council Tax Reduction scheme consultation - 2017

The annual survey about proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme was issued online from August until September.

The proposed banded scheme has been approved with support from respondents. For more information please see the consultation report available to view on this page.

General market trial consultation - 2017

In July/August of 2015 a consultation was undertaken by the Community Engagement Team to gather views on the future of markets in Chichester City Centre - as a result of this consultation a one year trial of the general market (originally located in the Cattle Market Car Park) was put in place. This general market currently runs every Wednesday in the pedestrianised areas of North and East Streets.

This trial came to an end in August 2017 and this consultation aimed to gather the views of residents and visitors, businesses and the general traders themselves to aid in the decision making process as to whether the general market will continue in its current form, in a different form, or whether it will continue at all.

Overall the results suggest that businesses are not satisfied with the market as it currently stands. There are some issues with quality, position and presentation that need to be addressed before the city centre businesses will see a significant benefit to having the market in this location. Residents, although much more positive about the Wednesday market in the precinct, also agreed position, presentation and quality of goods could be improved, but there were quite a few comments saying that the market livens up the city centre. The traders are very much in favour of the market in the city centre location which is likely to be due to the increase in their sales in this location.

The three reports and an overall executive summary report are available to view.

Proposed Public Space Protection Order: Control of Dogs consultation - 2017

The Council continues to receive complaints about nuisance from dogs and is proposing this Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to bring the current Dog Control Orders (DCOs) up to date and ensure they continue to have legal authority. The Council plans to keep the same controls and locations that are currently in place under the DCOs.

The majority of respondents (over 83%) agreed that dog owners should have to pick up after their dogs in places like footpaths, playing fields and cemeteries. 64.8% of respondents (105) agreed that the dogs on leads by direction part of the order should apply to Fishbourne Channel. 9 in 10 respondents agreed that dogs should not be allowed in children's play areas all year round.

Chichester Vision consultation - 2017

Over two thirds of respondents agreed with the over-arching Vision statement and there was agreement across the board for the individual statements and aims throughout the survey. However, in the open comments respondents said the over-arching Vision statement was too vague and did not want to commit without enough information.

After making some changes in response to the results of the consultation, the Chichester Vision document has now been adopted.

Community Safety Partnership priorities consultation - 2016/17

The current priorities of the Chichester Community Safety Partnership include tackling anti-social behaviour, responding to emerging crime trends, early intervention and public reassurance and confidence. The annual priorities survey, this time conducted between 1st December 2016 to 13th January 2017, aimed to find out how these issues affect areas within the district.

The response rate for this survey was particularly low and we have not drawn any strong conclusions from this small sample. However, if you would like a copy of the report please contact the Corporate Information Team.

Council Tax Reduction scheme consultation - 2016

The annual survey about proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme was issued online from mid-August until mid-September.

A mixed response of results with no major conclusions, there is agreement and disagreement with the proposed changes to restrict the amount an individual can claim, amongst fears of negatively affecting those families who already struggle to pay their household bills, some suggesting this should be means tested.

Proposed Public Space Protection Order: Street Drinking & Illegal Street Trading consultation - 2016

The view of Chichester District Council, after discussion with other partner agencies is that Chichester City centre could benefit from a new Public Spaces Protection Order covering drinking in public areas and illegal street trading. A short survey was carried out to find out public views on whether or not a PSPO would be supported.

Almost half of respondents felt that street drinking needs to be tackled. More than half of respondents (52.1%) disagreed that illegal street trading in Chichester City should be tackled, including 30% who disagreed strongly. Please see the report for more detailed analysis.

Electoral review of Chichester District

Chichester District Council's submission to the Local Government Boundary Commission can be viewed on this page. Please see the  Layer map of Chichester District  to view the boundaries.

Pay on Foot parking consultation - 2016

The Corporate Information Team conducted a consultation project on behalf of Parking Services in January 2016. The consultation asked for people's views and experience of the Pay on Foot in the Avenue de Chartres car park since Pay on Foot has been introduced.

62.9% of respondents rated their satisfaction with the pay on foot system at 7 or more out of 10. Improvements that were suggested mostly concerned addressing problems with the existing system rather than adding new features. Popular suggestions were more payment machines, more/better signage to help people find the payment machines and more reliable payment machines and barriers.

Community Safety Partnership priorities consultation - 2015

The current priorities of the Chichester Community Safety Partnership include tackling anti-social behaviour, responding to emerging crime trends, early intervention and public reassurance and confidence. The annual priorities survey, this time conducted between 16 December 2015 and 1 February 2016, aimed to find out how these issues affect areas within the district.

Chichester City market consultation - 2015

Questions had been raised of the sustainability of the traders market held at the Cattle Market car park every Wednesday and Saturday. The aim of this consultation was to gather views from residents/shoppers, city businesses and traders of Chichester's markets on current and future market arrangements in the city and to provide the consultation results to the Markets Task and Finish Group to help them make their final decision.

39.9% of market traders noticed a decrease in visitors to the Traders Market over the last few years. The highest level of support for a market in the precinct came from the traders (55.6%) and 42.3% of residents would support this. The strongest opposition to a new market in the pedestrian zone came from city businesses as their level of support was 16.4%.

There are three separate reports, one for each group of respondents, and one additional report which sums up the overall findings:

Council Tax Reduction scheme consultation - 2015

The annual survey about proposed changes to the council tax reduction (CTR) scheme was issued mainly online from mid-August until early October 2015. The survey received 54 responses, less than the 75 responses received last year.

Overall, agreement with keeping the same level of CTR for another year has risen from 52.7% in 2014, to 62.9% this year. Agreement with uprating allowances in line with DWP figures has also increased a little this year; 60.3% of respondents in 2014 agreed with this proposal compared to 61.1% this year.

Open comments suggest some respondents recognise that there is a struggle to achieve a balance between protecting the most vulnerable and low-income households and ensuring the system is fair for everyone.