Chichester District Council seeks to make the contents of its website accessible to as many people as possible.

This includes the four main groups of people who are likely encounter problems accessing this website:

  • People with a sensory impairment, which includes: Visual impairments, Hearing impairments
  • People with motor impairments, e.g. arthritis, which makes it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard
  • People with a learning disability who may find lengthy or complicated sites difficult to use
  • People without access to the latest, highest specification, computer hardware or software

The Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal for us to discriminate against a disabled person:

by refusing to provide (or deliberately not providing) any service which we otherwise provide to members of the public; or offering a lower standard of service to a disabled person or the manner in which we provide it; or in the terms on which we provide a service to a disabled person.


In order to ensure we meet these standards we make sure:

  • All staff involved in website production receive training in web accessibility
  • New web pages are audited or monitored for compliance
  • The website is periodically audited for Level AA compliance
  • Ensure providing products which comply to Level AA is a contractual condition in any contracts with third-party suppliers of web-enabled software or web content.