Proactive support for tenants who may face homelessness due to a 'perfect storm' of Covid-related issues is being offered by Chichester District Council.

The end of furlough, drop in casual vacancies, and increase in unemployment — all of which are connected with the pandemic — has placed many people in private housing under financial pressure. Combined with the Government's ban on evictions which came to an end on 31 May, there is concern that the next few months will see a large increase in the number of people requiring homelessness support and advice.

The council is taking a range of proactive measures to help those affected remain in their homes, which includes offering a range of advice and support to keep those at risk in settled tenancies.

We are also encouraging landlords and letting agents to complete a county-wide survey, which will help establish a detailed picture of the situation in the local area and prioritise support where it is most needed.

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