A temporary road closure may be necessary if residents plan to organise a street party. Residents are advised to read the advice available online to see if they require one: Roads and pavements.

Further advice on organising a street party can also be found at: Gov.uk - your guide to organising a street party .

Alternatively, the road can be kept open and instead residents can organise a gathering or 'Street Meet' on private land, such as a driveway or front garden, without any requirement to fill in forms. Further guidance can be found on this at: Street Party - street meet .

The special Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend takes place over the weekend of 2 - 5 June. The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is set to be the country's 'biggest ever' celebration and Chichester District Council has already received over 40 applications for temporary road closures for street parties.

There are many ways people can get involved, including street parties; The Big Jubilee Lunch; beacon lighting; and The Queen's Green Canopy project, which encourages people to plant trees through to the end of the year. More information on all of these activities can be found at: Platinum Jubilee - get involved .

For more guidance and information, please visit: Roads and pavements or contact democraticservices@chichester.gov.uk.

Date of release: 12 April 2022

Reference: 4115