Many people across Chichester District are finding it difficult to find homes in their area because of a lack of affordable homes. The main reasons are high house prices combined with comparatively low wages which make it hard for people to stay in their village, even though they may have grown up there and have a strong local connection.


If your community is facing these issues then forming a Community Land Trust (CLT) could be the answer. The Government is keen to help communities create their own solutions to the housing shortage and CLTs can play a key role in this.

What are Community Land Trusts?

CLTs are social enterprises created by members of a community joining together to form a trust in order to build genuinely affordable homes for people with strong local connections.

There are more than 290 CLTs across the country, and many of them are happy to show you around and share their knowledge. Schemes range from those working with parish councils and housing associations to those that have set up co-living schemes and self-build homes

What are the benefits?

CLTs are not-for-profit organisations set up to benefit a specific locality. They provide the community with locally owned affordable housing, which means the community has direct control and accountability.

The presence of a CLT can be the start of something a lot bigger. As a not-for-profit organisation all income generated by a CLT is put back into the community through further housing or other assets. This can lead to a vast array of community benefits being delivered in the future. Some examples of these benefits are community run pubs, shops, bus services, bakeries and allotments to name but a few.