Community-Led Housing (CLH) is a term used to describe social enterprises that encourage local people to play a leading role in providing solutions to the housing need within their neighbourhood. This will enable communities to create genuinely affordable homes that may be difficult to deliver through mainstream housing. CLH can, in the long term, have wide ranging benefits like bringing a community together, allow economic growth, develop local facilities (e.g. pubs, shops, community hubs, bus services, etc.) and maintain the general aesthetic of an area.

CLH comes in many different guises. These different models can be adopted to meet particular local need, they consist of:

Why community led housing?

Our location within the South Downs National Park and proximity to London makes the district a very desirable place to live. As a result, there is a very high demand for housing. Unfortunately, this demand for the district's housing has pushed house prices up beyond the reach of the average local household income. Currently in Chichester District, the average house price is 14 times higher than the average income of workers in the district. 

In the current economic climate many housing associations are facing funding pressures and it's not always economically viable for them to deliver small rural affordable schemes. Nonetheless, there are specialist housing associations that are still committed to delivering small rural schemes either with community support or in partnership with community land trusts.

What are the benefits to the community?

CLH offers a number of benefits to the community:

  • Local ownership, control and accountability of truly affordable housing in perpetuity
  • Investment directly in local communities
  • A more personal, responsive service for local people
  • Locally agreed nomination agreements
  • Local consultant, contractors and labour could boost the local economy
  • Eco-friendly development
Want to get involved in this movement for change? 

Want to be involved in the delivery of your next home? Want to be part of a housing project that really delivers change to your community? If you're a resident or employed in Chichester District Council you can easily get involved in the Community Led Housing movement. This is an ideal opportunity for you to become a part of your local community network.

If you would like to volunteer for an existing social enterprise we have several organisations across the District. Please contact us and we can let you know you nearest CLH project.

If you feel there is a need to start a new community led organisation in your area we can give you advice and support in getting a project off the ground and may be able to put you in touch with likeminded people in your area.

How can we help

We recognise that early support can make a huge difference in helping a new community led housing group to become established, particularly in helping them understand the process of becoming an incorporated organisation and the responsibilities upon them. Through our Community Led Housing Officer interested parties can access a wealth of support, information and signposting to guide them through the whole process of setting up and running a CLH organisation. 

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Get involved

We are keen to talk to anyone interested in getting involved or setting up a Community-led Housing.

If you have any queries, please contact our Community Led Housing Officer, James Brigden.