The council is responsible for keeping highways and public areas across the district clean and tidy. We spend £1 million every year litter picking and sweeping roads, clearing fly tips, emptying bins and removing abandoned vehicles.

A team of dedicated staff set out at 6am every morning to cover more than 300 square miles. We focus our efforts on the areas of highest demand and work to schedules that aim to keep the area clean.

You can help to keep the district clean too. Here are a few ideas;

Report it

If you see an area that needs cleaning, a fly tip, dead animal or abandoned vehicle please let us know. 

Take your rubbish home with you

When out and about please consider taking your rubbish home with you.  This increases the likelihood of it being recycled and  reduces the number of bins needed across the district.  Less bins = less cost, which means savings can be used for other services.

Get involved

There is a growing number of volunteer litter pickers across the district - people that take pride in their area and want to help in the fight against litter.  With volunteers helping in residential areas it means we can focus on some of the more dangerous cleaning tasks such as the district's A & B roads. We can supply you with everything you need to complete a litter pick or adopt an area. Please contact us to find out more.

Dog waste

You may not know that the rules on dog waste changed recently.  It is now ok to place dog waste in standard litter bins. So feel free to use dog bins or litter bins that are close to your favourite dog walking routes.

Abandoned vehicles

The council is working in partnership with Sussex Police for the prompt removal of abandoned vehicles. The partnership, called Operation Crackdown uses Police powers under The Road Traffic Act 1984 to remove vehicles.

After the police have confirmed the vehicle is abandoned, the council requests the removal of the vehicle, either for immediate destruction or storage for seven days. The council also sends a letter to the registered keeper of the vehicle advising them of the action taken. To report an abandoned vehicle please visit the Operation Crackdown website.

Graffiti removal

The council is working with a private company to remove all graffiti from public areas as quickly as possible.

If you are a victim of graffiti or see some in a public place please contact Graffiti Solutions.

Graffiti Solutions
United Kingdom
+44 0845 1265555