Non Residents permits

Non-Resident's permit


  • Anyone who doesn't live within a controlled parking zone who owns a passenger vehicle that they want to park on the road during the controlled hours (Mondays to Saturdays inclusive, including Bank Holidays) shown can apply for a Non-Resident's permit.
  • A permit means that the vehicle to which it relates can be parked in any vacant on-street residents parking bay or shared use parking bay within that zone. It does not guarantee a space and does not allocate a specific space.
  • A permit will only be issued if the issuing authority considers that there is likely to be unused parking places within that zone.
  • It is possible for more than one vehicle to be included on the permit on an either/or basis but the permit must always be displayed on the vehicle parked.
  • Supplying incorrect information or failing to comply with the undertakings in the relevant section may lead to the Council withholding the issue of a permit or cancelling an existing permit.
  • If a non-resident's permit is no longer required, it should be surrendered to the issuing office without delay.
  • On no account should a permit be passed to any other person.
  • Loss or theft of your permit should be reported to the nearest Police Station without delay. You should then apply in writing to the issuing office for a replacement.
  • Damaged or defaced permits should be returned to the issuing office with an application for a replacement.
  • Any permit not recovered will automatically become void and will attract a penalty charge notice if used.


Non resident permit charges
Residents' parking zoneChargesOperational Times
G - Kingsham Road

Annual:     £250

8.30 - 18.00

H2 - Shamrock Close 

H2 - Lennox Road

H2 - Melbourne Road

 N -  Little Breach

Annual:      £150

10.00 - 11.00

14.00 - 15.00