Christmas 2018

Please take note of the following information which covers the Christmas and New Year period.

As the council closes from:

  • 3.00pm, 24 December 2018 to 8.45am, 2 January 2019, some of our services will be affected during this time.

If your permit is ready for renewal, you are applying for a new permit, you need a replacement or would like to make an amendment to your existing one, you can contact Parking Services prior to 2pm on 19 December 2018.

Please ensure that you provide the necessary documentation to enable us to process your request as quickly as possible. Permits will be ready by the next working day after 3pm and we recommend that they are collected from Desk 7 at East Pallant House as posting your permit may be affected by postal delays.

To avoid disappointment, if you require any of our services, please contact Parking Services prior to the 19 December at 2pm. Whereas we will always do our best to respond to you, if your request is received after this time we may not respond and subsequently, permits will not be processed until 2 January.

During the period from 24 December 2018 to 2 January 2019, we will be unable to:

  • Create new permits
  • Renew permits
  • Change vehicle registration numbers
  • Replace lost permits

Arrange refunds for permits which are no longer required.

Please remember that without your permit displayed clearly in your vehicle, you are not entitled to park in the permit holder bays and you should find alternative parking.

Carers' permits can be issued to residents receiving care who live within the controlled parking zones. The permit is issued to the resident of the property and can then be passed to the carer whilst they are providing domiciliary care.

In order to buy a Carers' Permit:

  • you must live at a property within a zone
  • the property should be your main place of residency
  • you must be a full time resident of the address requested
  • you must be receiving regular domiciliary care


To apply for a non resident permit please call us.

  • A permit means that the vehicle to which it relates can be parked in any vacant on-street residents parking bay or shared use parking bay within that named roads. It does not guarantee a space and does not allocate a specific space.
  • A permit will only be issued if the issuing authority considers that there is likely to be unused parking places within that zone.
  • It is possible for more than one vehicle to be included on the permit on an either/or basis but the permit must always be displayed on the vehicle parked.
  • Supplying incorrect information or failing to comply with the undertakings in the relevant section may lead to the Council withholding the issue of a permit or cancelling an existing permit.
  • If a non-resident's permit is no longer required, it should be surrendered to the issuing office without delay.
  • On no account should a permit be passed to any other person.
  • Loss or theft of your permit should be reported to Chichester District Council without delay. You should then apply in writing to the issuing office for a replacement.
  • Damaged or defaced permits should be returned to the issuing office with an application for a replacement.
  • Any permit not recovered will automatically become void and will attract a penalty charge notice if used.
  • As priority is given to those living in the area, please be aware that whilst we can currently issue Non-Resident Permits, should demand for Resident Permits increase, we may write to you and ask you to return the permit to us.


Non resident permit charges
Residents' parking zoneChargesOperational Times

G - Kingsham Road

F- Ettrick Road

F- Cambrai Avenue

H - St Pancras

M - Canal Place

M - Kings Avenue

O - Pound Farm Road

Annual:     £260

08:30 - 18:00

H2 - Shamrock Close 

H2 - Lennox Road

H2 - Melbourne Road

 N -  Little Breach

Annual:      £156 

10:00 - 11:00

14:00 - 15:00