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Garden recycling service - terms and conditions

The Council will:

i). provide a regular collection service in accordance with the collection calendar. If it is not possible to complete a scheduled collection due to circumstances beyond the Council's control including without limitation, adverse weather, strikes or other industrial action or vehicle / equipment breakdown, the Council will empty the bin on the next scheduled collection date. Refunds will only be given if the Council are unable to offer a rescheduled collection within 30 working days;

ii). suspend the service over Christmas and New Year;

iii). replace or repair any part of or whole wheeled bin without cost to the customer, other than where this has been due to neglect or misuse by the customer. Please note that the Council will not repair or replace existing 360 litre bins. When these bins become unsuitable for use the customer will be offered the choice of alternative size bins, which will be charged at the unit price relevant to the new bin;

iv). collect from the customer any real Christmas tree, providing it is  free of all decorations and fits within the dimensions of the wheeled bin (s) with the lid closed. Larger trees will be collected providing they have been cut up into small pieces and placed in the wheeled bin otherwise it will not be collected;

v). no refund will be given to customers who no longer require the collection service. The Customer must notify the Council that the service is no longer required and arrange for the bin to be collected by the Council;

vi). reserve the right to assess the application and to determine whether or not your property is suitable for the wheeled bin green waste collection scheme. Not all properties are suitable for this service, either due to access restrictions for our collection freighters or lack of space to store the bin or to put them out in front of property boundary for collection, etc;

vii). have the right to withdraw the service. The Council will give written notice should the withdrawal be permanent;

viii). reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions, with notice of changes being made by amending the terms and conditions available on the council's website.

The customer is required to:

i). place the wheeled bin for emptying just outside the customers' property boundary or shared driveway by 6am on the designated collection day, so that it is clearly visible from the Council's collection vehicle as it passes along the highway;

ii). only place the permitted garden cuttings inside the bin as described and published to customers by the Council;

iii). ensure that the weight of the contents of the bin is such as to enable the bin to be readily tilted and moved by an operative for emptying.  The customer should particularly check the weight of the bin is suitable for tilting and moving if any of the contents are damp.  If the bin is presented overweight a 'too heavy' sticker will be placed on the bin, following which the customer must reduce the weight of the contents of the bin prior to the subsequent collection;

iv). not mark the green wheeled bin other than by attaching any sticker/label issued by the Council;

v). pay in advance for the collection service as directed by the Council;

vi). make wheeled bins readily available to the Council for removal, which were previously issued to the customer, on the termination, cancellation, non-payment of service renewal subscription, or for any other reason as directed by the Council;

vii). remove the wheeled bin to the inside of their property as quickly as possible after the emptying of the wheeled bin;

viii). remove any unacceptable material from inside the wheeled bin as directed by the Council;

ix). pay the Council's costs for the repair or replacement of any part or whole wheeled bin where this has been due to neglect or misuse on the part of the customer;

x). limit the garden cuttings presented for collection to those that can be contained within the wheeled bin with the lid closed;

xi). pay an additional £10.00 where a customer:

  • requests the Council to change a wheeled bin from one size to another size,
  • requests the special emptying of a wheeled bin by the Council due to the bin previously containing unacceptable materials,
  • requests a special emptying of a wheeled bin by the Council following the customer reducing the weight of contents after previously being notified that the bin is overweight,
  • requests the special emptying of a wheeled bin by the Council due to the customer failing to present the bin at the correct collection point at the time of collection,
  • requires redelivery of the bin because of failure to renew their subscription and then wishes to re-commence the service after the bin has been removed by Council staff;

xii). notify the Council in advance of the customer changing address. Where the customer changes address within the Chichester District Council area and the new address is within an area where the service is also provided, the Council will permit the customer to transfer the wheeled bin and continue receiving the service with no additional charge.  Under all other circumstances a change of address will require the termination of the service;

xiii) report a missed collection to the Council within 48 hours in order for the Council to return to make the collection. A missed collection not reported within this period will not be deemed as a missed collection and the property will have to wait until the next scheduled collection. The Council will not issue refunds for missed collections.

Garden recycling service promotional discount:

i). a promotional discount will be applied by the Council to online applications only when a valid discount code is entered by the customer in making their application;

ii). the promotional discount applies to the first bin. Additional bins will be charged at the service rate;

iii). the promotional discount applies for one year. At the end of the first years' service, the Council will contact you with details on how to pay for the next subscription period which will be charged and the normal service rate;

iv). the Council has the right to withdraw the promotional discount at any time.

Updated 01 September 2023.