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Choose Work Programme

Choose Work is here to help you move forward in your life and move into or towards employment.

Through coaching, mentoring, providing information, advice and guidance, we work with Chichester District residents to help them identify where they want to get to, and work out an action plan to help them get there.

Our two Choose Work Coordinators will work with you using a variety of one to one mentoring, workshops and events to help you feel more positive about your future, break down the barriers that might be stopping you from moving forward and help you to identify the next steps for you.

Are you:

  • Unemployed or looking to change your job?
  • Looking for a different perspective?
  • Feeling stuck in where your life is?
  • Hoping to find a way forward?
  • Dreaming of a better future?
  • Wanting to get involved but not sure how?
  • Lacking in confidence or self-esteem?

Then Choose Work helps you find what's right for you. We work with you to help you identify your dreams, your drive and your skills and help you find your place in work and in life.

Mentoring and coaching

We offer one to one sessions which start with an initial assessment. At this appointment we help you to identify goals to work towards and then work with you regularly as you develop more confidence and move forward towards work.


These take place in Chichester at the District Council and details of these workshops are listed below. Workshops are free to all Chichester District residents and we look forward to welcoming you. Tea and coffee is provided! Come along on the day or get in touch to find out more and book your place;

Workshops are a valuable opportunity to meet other job seekers, share experiences and, look at your personal development and develop new job related skills.

How to contact us

You can email us at

You can call us on 01243 534889.

Message of the month

At a time when each day seems to blend into the next it is getting harder to tell one day from another and consequently the week loses its 'shape' and routine.

The benefits of a routine have long been known to improve;

  • Mental Health
  • More time to relax
  • Saves time - with less likelihood of procrastination
  • Better sleep

Make a plan, a daily routine and stick to it, use this as an example;

  1. A wake up time
  2. Some physical exercise; a walk/run
  3. Some mental exercise; a mindfulness/ meditation session or an online course
  4. Food
  5. One bite sized goal for each day

Plan your day around this basic pattern and add in anything you would like to have in your day. Make a schedule of when you will do these things and very soon you will find that the routine builds in momentum.

The following links are to a wide range of free courses for anyone wanting to add intellectual stimulation to their routine: