Town visions are a way of understanding the issues and aspirations of a town and its communities and turning thoughts and ideas into actions.

With collaboration and confidence building at the heart of the process, Chichester District Council is committed to supporting local towns to create their own visions that will help guide them to success - now and in the future.

Chichester Vision


Selsey Vision

Selsey town vision Selsey Vision will be a dynamic way of imagining the future of Selsey...and making it a reality.

A year-long process of creating the Selsey Vision has just started and if you're one of the more than 10,000 people of Selsey, you can take part. Selsey Town Council aims to involve as many local people as possible.

Although it will take a year to create, delivering the results of the Vision will take much longer...and that will also involve a collaboration of Selsey people.



So please, get involved - look out for the Selsey Vision logo (see above), it will be all over Selsey, along with a rather natty wheel barrow (also known as a mobile consultation unit...built by the Selsey Men's Shed  Selsey Men's Shed  .

Visit Facebook - Selsey vision  for more information and to comment on the Facebook Page.


For the latest info visit  Selsey Town Council - selsey vision


For the latest info visit  Selsey Town Council - selsey vision


What is the Selsey Vision?

It's a way of thinking of how the town could be in the future - and making it happen. Inevitably it will deal with problems that affect the lives of local people, but predominantly it will be a positive process, aimed at finding ways forward that make life better for everyone.

Will 'the Council' be making it happen?

Selsey Town Council and Chichester District Council have started the process, but the nature of Selsey Vision will be to create a series of projects that can be delivered, over time.

Actions in the Vision, will happen in collaboration with many groups, organisations and individuals - coming together to work out what needs to be done, creating funding bids and having the confidence, skills and means to make a difference.

It's down to all of us to make it happen.

How do I get involved?

Visit Selsey Town Council  to get involved.

  • You can add your comments, ideas and pictures on the Facebook - Selsey vision
  • Selsey Vision will also occupy the 'pod' in Selsey library at least once a week.


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Midhurst Vision

In partnership with Midhurst Town Council and Midhurst Town Team CIC, the current Midhurst Vision (created in 2008), is being refreshed, to make sure outstanding actions have been achieved and new aspirations and needs are included for the future.

Four project groups have been set-up to make it happen, exploring: branding and identity of the town; business development and high street promotions; the way the town looks; transport improvements.

A new e-portal, that's a website in old money, for Midhurst Vision will be going live later in 2018.

Midhurst - news

Project groups have started meeting looking at branding, transport, developing business opportunities and promoting the town.  Groups and organisations from all over Midhurst and the local authorities are involved.  

Please send your views/comments/questions to


Midhurst - FAQs



What is the Midhurst Vision?

It's a way of thinking of how the town could be in the future - and making it happen. The current Vision, written in 2008 is being updated - or refreshed, as we like to say - to bring things up to date and take account of the future.

Who is making it happen?

Midhurst Town Council and Chichester District Council have started the process and Midhurst Town Team CIC is a partner. Other groups and organisations are also involved, for example Visit Midhurst and Visit Chichester.

The project groups are very small, but the members of each group will be reaching out to other people in the local community to create clear actions that can be delivered - or to find ways of taking the next step to achieve rather more ambitious projects.

How do I get involved?

We are in the process of creating a website that will be an online portal for Midhurst Vision, but in the meantime, please send your views/comments/questions to

Midhurst - Vision 2008 Midhurst - have your say

Please send your views/comments/questions to 

Petworth Vision

Petworth Vision was set up to address the aspirations of the residents, businesses and visitors of Petworth. 

By harnessing the efforts and skills of townspeople and organisations within the community and building strong public/private sector partnerships, Petworth Vision aims to achieve positive results for the whole community.

For more information visit  Petworth Vision