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The Cross Market & More trader terms and conditions


  1. All traders must read these terms and conditions and confirm agreement and compliance of them by signing the application form before attendance at the event.
  2. Submitting an application does not guarantee you a pitch, we will notify you by email if you are successful in securing a pitch.
  3. The Council reserves the right to determine at its absolute discretion the stallholders to be allowed to operate in the market.
  4. All stallholders must have their own public and product liability insurance cover to the value of £5 million. A copy of the up-to-date policy should be submitted to the Council before they are allowed to trade at the event. The stallholder while at the event must have the name and address and policy number of their insurer with them at all times..
  5. All traders must provide a Risk Assessment at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  6. Stallholders shall indemnify Chichester District Council and its officers from all costs and claims whether for loss, damage, death of or injury to persons, personal belongings or vehicles arising from the stallholder exercising the licence.
  7. In the case of too many stallholders applying to trade at the event the Council shall have regard to the following matters when determining the stallholders:
    • The stallholders operational base, whether this is within Chichester District, or its distance from the market site
    • The balance of products across the whole event
    • Quality of products and presentation
  8. Each trader is allocated a 3mx3m space. Traders are required to supply their own gazebo, which must be no higher than 3m at its highest point. All gazebos should be weighted down on all markets. Traders must also provide protective sides, in case of bad weather
  9. Traders using trailers/vehicles must ensure that the trailer is maintained in a clean state and is in good order, repair and condition.
  10. The Council reserves the right to allocate pitches to stallholders and to determine their location and to relocate any pitch or any stallholder at any time.
  11. Trading times will be between 10.00am and 4.00pm only. The Council shall have the right to vary these times and shall notify stallholders accordingly.
  12. Stallholders will be required to arrive at the market site no later than 8.30am.
  13. The Council shall be entitled to reallocate or cancel stalls where stallholders fail to arrive at the market site by 8.30am unless a stallholder has obtained prior consent from the Council to a later arrival.
  14. The use of an electricity point must be arranged with the Council in advance of the markets.
  15. Stallholders may not add lighting or heating apparatus to any stalls without the prior consent of the Council.
  16. Stallholders shall cease trading at the end of the trading times detailed in clause 17 above and shall vacate the market site as soon as possible thereafter.
  17. Stallholders are only permitted to sell produce on their stall which is listed on their application form and which has been agreed by the Council. Stallholders will be required to remove any undeclared products.
  18. Stallholders must refrain from smoking anywhere within the market site, this includes Vaping.
  19. Stallholders and assistants are required to maintain the highest standards of stall and product presentation, personal appearance and customer relations.
  20. Any customer complaints must be recorded and dealt with by stallholders in a civil, welcome and helpful way in order to meet customer expectations.
  21. Generators may only be used with the prior consent of the Council.
  22. You will provide documentary evidence for any equipment that requires a certificate of safety inspection - this may be formal certification signed by a competent person or a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) sticker as appropriate, gas safety certification etc.
  23. All electrical equipment for use out of doors will be protected by an RCD device and have appropriate weatherproof connections.
  24. All gas equipment should be suitably maintained and will have been tested for safety by a suitably qualified gas engineer within the last year and have a certificate of testing. Please note that all gas connections must be crimped, screw-on (Jubilee) clips connectors are not permitted.
  25. Gas must be located in a safe, well ventilated position and spare supplies must be stored safely - in a gas safety cage with suitable signage if necessary.
  26. Stallholders shall keep their stalls and surrounding area clean and tidy, and remove all litter and waste from their pitch and adjoining open space at the end of the market.
  27. No vehicles are permitted to move within the event site during trading hours.
  28. Stallholders must not place any goods beyond 1 (one) metre distances from the sides or front of the stall without prior consent of the Council nor cause any obstruction to other stallholders or the public.
  29. Stallholders are not permitted to close down or pack up during the market trading hours without prior consent.
  30. No aggressive selling techniques will be permitted, and stallholders are not allowed to use any public address systems, or other practices which may cause annoyance to other producers and customers.
  31. No raffles or games of chance shall be permitted without the written consent of the Council.
  32. No political propaganda or the raising of any petitions etc. will be allowed on any stall or other part of the market.

Food traders only

  1. All food providers MUST be registered with their local authority as a food business and MUST have a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 or above to be able to trade at the event. It is recommended that all traders at the event are Members of the Nationwide Caterers Association or another similar organisation acceptable to the Council.
  2. All products offered for sale must be labelled, priced and sold according to legal requirements. If you are unaware of the requirements, regarding weighing equipment or food labelling, information is available from your local Trading Standards Service or
  3. Stallholders must wear appropriate clothing to ensure customer confidence, and the fulfilling of food hygiene standards.
  4. All food providers must comply fully with the requirements of The Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and the provisions referred to therein, and any amendments thereto and comply with all instructions given by any suitably authorised officer of the Council. Food Safety is covered by the Health Protection team who can be contacted on 01243 534602.
  5. Cooking equipment must meet Safety Requirements i.e. PAT tested and Gas certificates. They should also have access to Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets for emergency use. These should be kept up to date in terms of being certified Safe for use.
  6. Sellers must be able to provide accurate allergen information. This must either be provided on a ticket or notice next to the food, or a notice informing customers they can request the information can be displayed, and the information can be provided verbally.
  7. Producer information will be forwarded to local Trading Standards and Environmental Health officers if requested.
  8. Stallholders selling alcoholic drinks will need to possess a valid alcohol licence. To gain more information, please call the Licensing Department at Chichester District Council on 01243 785166. A copy of the licence must be displayed on the stall at each market.
  9. No deep-fat fryers will be allowed without explicit agreement. This will involve confirmation that the deep-fat equipment is safely installed and will be safely operated by trained personnel. Domestic equipment is unlikely to be acceptable.
  10. Any preparation, cooking or washing equipment will be sited so as not to be accessible to the public and barriered to prevent unauthorised access. You will provide suitable barriers (details of barriers to be agreed in advance).
  11. You will provide a first aid kit appropriate for the number of people on the stall and activity you are doing.
  12. Where necessary food providers will provide dedicated hand washing facilities with disposable towels (eg 'blue roll') that are not to be used for washing up or other purposes. (A separate bowl with soap and disposable towels will usually be sufficient). You should bring suitable equipment to supply yourself with ready mixed hot water for handwashing that can be refreshed as needed.
  13. You must make provision for suitable storage of foodstuffs for the outdoor operation of your business and ensure suitable monitoring and recording systems are in place i.e. monitoring temperature and condition of food, protect from contamination etc.
  14. 46. Stallholders will be invoiced each for the pitch fee. The invoice must be paid with immediate effect from date of invoice received. Further details on ways to pay can be found on the reverse of the invoice.
  15. Stallholders must give more than two weeks notice if they are unable to attend the event to avoid losing their pitch fee and electricity charge.
  16. If Chichester District Council cancels the event due to adverse weather conditions stallholders will not be charged.
  17. The Council reserves the right to immediately terminate the right to trade of any stallholder failing to comply with any of these conditions or comply with any reasonable directions given by the Council.
  18. All Stallholders are expected to adhere to reasonable standards of behaviour and treat your fellow traders, CDC staff and the public with respect, courtesy and professionalism.
  19. Stallholders must respond co-operatively to and act upon any direction given by the Market Co-ordinator in relation to the operation and occupation of their stall, equipment, goods and vehicle during operating times and any direction of a security or safety nature.
  20. Stallholders must not act in an abusive, dangerous, or disruptive manner. No written, verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated and any such act may result in immediate termination from the event.