The collection point for your garden recycling bin is just outside the property boundary or shared driveway. All wheeled bins should be placed out by 7am on the morning of collection. Where properties are unsuitable for wheeled bins, alternative arrangements can be made.


Yes please

  • Grass cuttings
  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Tree & shrub cuttings
  • Plants & flowers

Please put these into your bin loose and do not use any plastic bags.

No thanks

  • Wood/branches (exceeding 1000mm/4" or bigger than your wrist)
  • Japenese Knotweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Soil/concrete/stones/rubble
  • Fruit & vegetable peelings
  • Food waste/general waste
  • Animal waste/cat litter
  • Plastic bags or flower pots
  • Ash

Garden recycling service

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