Overpayments can be caused when you do not tell us about a change in your circumstances. If you have received too much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, we will usually want that money repaid. The only exception may be when the council or Department for Work and Pensions has made a mistake, and you could not be expected to know there had been an overpayment. This only applies to Housing Benefit all overpayments of Council Tax Reduction are recoverable and you will be sent a new Council Tax bill with details of how to pay. 

Pay overpayments online

If you have been given too much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, we will write to you and outline:

  • the reason for the overpayment
  • how much benefit you have been overpaid
  • what period the overpayment relates to
  • whether the overpayment will be recovered and how

You have the right to ask us to reconsider the decision to recover the overpayment. Please put your request in writing within one month of the date on the letter.

Recovery is made in various ways, but Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction cannot be recovered against each other. Council Tax Reduction overpayments are usually added back onto your account, with an amended bill sent to you. If you are still receiving Housing Benefit, we will make a weekly deduction from your ongoing entitlement until the debt is repaid. If you are no longer in receipt of housing benefit, an invoice will be sent to you.

If you have received an invoice and you wish to make an arrangement to repay the overpaid amount that is different to the instalments shown on your invoice please contact the overpayments team on 01243 534893. There are various ways to make a payment

Debit Card Payments

Payment can be made using your debit card. Please call our fully secured automated telephone payment line on 01243 534880 to make a payment. Please ensure you have your reference number as shown on your invoice ready to quote. Please note you cannot pay your overpayment by credit card.

Pay online

Payments may also be made online by . You will need your invoice number to make an online payment.