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Local data

Sources of local data

Open data sources are free to access and available for anyone to view. This short guide outlines some of the best open data sources and what sort of datasets they publish.

LG Inform (opens new window) presents you with up-to-date published data about the local area and the performance of the council. Whether you're interested in a particular service area, or simply need an overview, it can help you review and compare performance with other authorities.

Neighbourhood Statistics (opens new window) is the national statistics portal for local data. It allows you to filter datasets for the local area, including the annual summary of:

  • hours worked, place of work by Local Authority
  • earnings, place of work by Local Authority
  • hours worked, place of residence by Local Authority
  • earnings, place of residence by Local Authority

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the results of the 2021 Census, and you can find all of the released data - which includes population, migration, ethnicity, religion - on the Census 2021 results page. (opens new window)

The ONS has published an interactive tool to help citizens find out more about their local authority area (opens new window) and how it compares with others across the UK against a range of indicators.
The ONS' Health Index (2015 to 2020) (opens new window) provides an independent view of health in England and compares health over time and across different areas. 

NOMIS official labour market statistics (opens new window) is a service provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources. It even enables you to view a report for a local area such as a parish, ward, village or town. This includes information on the characteristics of people and households in the area.

Office for national statistics (opens new window) is the Government's official statistics website, which provides data on:

  • Business, industry and trade;
  • The economy;
  • The employment and labour market;
  • People, population and community.

Eurostat (opens new window) is the main statistics website for the European Union. It includes comparable indicators for all regions of Europe.

This site publishes statistics on energy, climate change, energy efficiency, fuel poverty, building materials, economic performance and employment, innovation and trade union membership.

Statistics at the department for environment, food and rural affairs (opens new window) publishes national and official statistics relating to the environment, rural communities, food, farming and biosecurity.

Local authority housing data (opens new window) is a collection which brings together all documents relating to local authority housing data.

You can use the UK house price index (land registry) (opens new window) search tool to find house price trends in the UK.

You can find Ofsted ratings (opens new window) for any school in West Sussex through West Sussex County Council's website.

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