Council tax is normally due on the 1st or 15th of each month from April to January. However, you can ask to pay twice a year instead (on 1 April and 1 September) or just once a year (on 1 May). You can pay your account in a number of ways:

Pay council tax by direct debit

If you pay by Direct Debit, additional instalment dates of the 8th, 25th and 28th are available.

Pay council tax by debit card

Other ways to pay

Debit card by telephone

Payment can be made using your debit card. Please call our fully secured automated telephone payment line on 01243 534880 to make a payment. Please ensure you have your Council Tax reference number as shown on your latest bill ready to quote. Please note you cannot pay your Council Tax by credit card.

Payment at any Post Office® or PayPoint facility

Payment can be made at any Post Office┬« or PayPoint facility using the barcode printed at the bottom of your bill. If you do not have a barcode please contact the taxation office to request a bill which will have a barcode.

Bank payment

Please use the following Chichester District Council bank details:

  • Sort code 60-05-24,
  • Bank account number 26121255.

Please ensure you quote the Council Tax account number as shown on your latest bill.

Extended instalments to March 2020

You can request that your Council Tax instalments are extended to March 2020 (for the 19/20 financial year). Your request should be received by no later than 24 March 2019. For requests received after 24 March 2019, the number of instalments will be 11, or the number of whole months remaining within the financial  year. if you aready pay by 12 monhtly instalments you do not need to make a further request.

Please complete the form if you would like your instalments amended.

Request to pay council tax with extended instalments to March 2019