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Chichester District Council has a petitions scheme which sets out how we will deal with petitions and explains the different options.

We welcome petitions which can help to inform debate and result in changes which can have a positive impact on local people, for example, by:

  • bringing an issue to the attention of the council for it to consider
  • providing another way for local people to let us know their views and demonstrate their strong support for or opposition to something that the council is doing.

Who can submit and sign a petition?

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Chichester, including under 18s, can sign or organise and submit a petition to Chichester District Council which will be responded to.

  • If we can, we will do what your petition requests
  • If we cannot, we will explain why

The petition may be on anything for which the council has responsibility or which it is able to influence other than those matters specifically excluded under the scheme.

If your petition might be on a matter which is the responsibility of West Sussex County Council, please view their petitions scheme link, available on this page.


As society continues to look for new ways to share and communicate electronically, e-petitions have become increasingly popular. There are numerous online petition sites and tools that people may choose to use. Chichester District Council cannot recommend any one website or provider, but guidance regarding the use of e-petitions and their submission to the Council can be found in the petitions scheme document.  Any e-petition should be able to identify all individuals supporting the petition, including name and address and some form of electronic signature (such as a personal email or social media address).


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