In light of the ever changing circumstances in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, at this time, we ask that customers do not visit the council at East Pallant House.

More information:  Parking Services - Coronavirus updates

Please take note of the following information which applies to the Christmas and New Year period.

The Council closes at 3.00pm, 24 December 2020 and will not reopen until 8.45am, 4 January 2021 so some of our services will be affected during this time.

If your permit is ready for renewal, you are applying for a new permit, you need a replacement or would like to make an amendment to your existing one, you can contact Parking Services prior to 14 December 2020.

Please make sure that you provide the necessary documentation to enable us to process your request as quickly as possible. Permits will be posted to you on either Monday or Wednesday.

To avoid disappointment, if you require any of the services below please contact Parking Services prior to 14 December. Whereas we will always do our best to respond to you, if your request is received after this time we may not be able to process the permit until 5 January.

During the period from 3.00pm, 24 December 2020 to 8.45am, 4 January 2021, we will be unable to:

  • Create new permits
  • Renew permits
  • Change Vehicle Registration Marks
  • Replace lost permits

Please remember that without your permit displayed clearly in your vehicle, you are not entitled to park in the Permit Holder bays and you should find alternative parking.



West Sussex County Council is the authority responsible for on-street parking provision; however, Parking Services at Chichester District Council process and issue permits on their behalf.

Resident Parking Schemes are used to manage problem areas rather than individual streets therefore access to a parking space outside or close to your home cannot always be guaranteed. The demand for parking spaces increasingly exceeds supply in some zones, but residents permits are an effective way of helping manage parking in these areas.

Controlled parking zones

There are 11 Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ's) in Chichester and subject to availability, up to two Residents Permits are available to buy for these zones.

  • The Controlled Parking Zones in Chichester are E, F, G, H, H2, J, K, L, M, N and O.

What zone am I in?

To find out if your property falls within a controlled parking zone, please check the following document:

For information relating to Controlled Parking Zones, please see the Controlled parking zones  website.

Renew residents permit


Who can buy a resident permit?

Resident's permits can be applied for by any resident who lives within a Controlled Parking Zone who owns a vehicle. Residents Permits may be available to resident's who's main residence is within the Controlled Parking Zone. The property should be your main place of residency.

In order to buy a Residents Permit:

  •   you must live at a property within a Zone
  •   the property must be your main place of residency
  •   you must be a full time resident of the address requested
  •   your vehicle must be registered to the named address


Resident Permit prices
Residents parking zoneAnnual chargeSix month chargeLow emission vehicles Annual Charge Low emission vehicles 6 Months Charge Operational times
F,G,H,K,L,OFirst Permit £44  Additional Permit £88First Permit £24  Additional Permit £48First Permit £33  Additional Permit £66First Permit £18  Additional Permit £3609:00 - 17:00
J,MFirst Permit £44  Additional Permit £88First Permit £24  Additional Permit £48First Permit £33  Additional Permit £66First Permit £18  Additional Permit £3609.00 - 21.00
H2 and N (part day)First Permit £38  Additional Permit £76First Permit £20  Additional Permit £40First Permit £28  Additional Permit £57First Permit £15  Additional Permit £3010:00 - 11:00 & 14:00 - 15:00
City Centre EFirst Permit £164  Additional Permit £205First Permit £87  Additional Permit £109First Permit £123  Additional Permit £153First Permit £65  Additional Permit £8109:00 - 17:30

Our priority is to ensure that residents with no alternative parking are able to purchase a 1st permit. However, additional permits may be considered subject to the capacity of the zone. Most zones operate at full capacity and may therefore be subject to waiting lists. Please note, that as priority is given to 1st Permits and residents with no alternative parking, additional permits may be withdrawn at any time should demand for 1st Resident Permits increase. We may write to you and ask you to return the additional permit to us.A property re-developed or converted, or any new build added after the introduction of a permit scheme does not automatically qualify for resident parking permits. Residents should not assume that every property on a road with resident parking spaces outside means that parking permits are available. If you are unsure whether permits are available for a property please call the Car Parks team.


Low emission vehicle discount

Applicants with low emission vehicles are entitled to a discount on Resident/Non-Resident permits.

To view the list of permitted low emission vehicles, please view the available document. 


Blue Badge holders

If you own a blue badge, you are able to obtain a first residents permit free of charge. In addition to proof of ownership of the vehicle, proof of residency and a completed application form, we will also require copies of both sides of the valid blue badge.

Applying for a permit


A resident permit application form is available to print from our website. In order that your application can be considered, you should complete an application form then submit it to us in Parking Services via email or by post along with a copy of the following evidence:

  • A completed application form
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle - V5 Log book* - your vehicle must be registered to the named address
  • Proof of Residency -utility bill (within the last three months, and showing your address)
  • (If you have a blue badge) a copy of both sides of your blue badge

*You need to show us that you own the vehicle for which you are applying for a permit. The Vehicle Certificate of Registration document (V5) must be produced for every application. If the V5 is not available (only in the case of a recent change of vehicle ownership) then your insurance policy document, showing the vehicle registration number and your name and address may be provisionally acceptable. However the V5 will need to be supplied as soon as it is available.


Company cars


If your vehicle is owned by your employer and the V5 is in the name of the company, we need a letter on headed paper from the Company Manager (not the applicant) stating that the vehicle is allocated to you for your exclusive use as an employee. This is in addition to the evidence stated above.

Hire cars


If your vehicle is owned by a leasing/hiring company, the lease/hire agreement is required in place of the V5 and in addition to the evidence stated above.

Please remember that without the information above we may not be able to process your application. The council reserve the right to refuse an application.

All permits are sent 2nd class and this should be taken into account when applying for a permit. Permits are valid from the 1st of each month for a period of 6 months or 1 year. Applicants should not park in a resident's bay until the permit or an alternative exemption is displayed.

You cannot currently apply for a resident's permit online; however you are able to renew via the website using the information provided on the renewal letter/email.

Using a resident permit
  • A resident permit should be displayed clearly on the windscreen or on the dashboard of a vehicle
  • If you no longer need a permit or if you move addresses, we ask that you inform the council as soon as possible to enable us to cancel it. Permits are linked by address and are not transferable.
  • A resident's permit is available for use in Permit Holder or Shared Use bays in the zone for which it is purchased. The zone is stated on both the permit itself and also the signs that accompany the permit holder bays.
  • The vehicle in which the permit is displayed must be able to fit wholly in the bay or alternative parking should be located.

If you are unable to display the permit, Residents Visitor Permits' (RVP's) can be purchased (RVP's are not available for E Zone residents'). Up to 3 registrations can be logged against a permit providing the correct vehicle documentation can be supplied for each vehicle.

If you have multiple registrations logged against your permit, or another person will be using it, it is the responsibility of the permit holder (named on the application form) to inform and supply all users of the permit with the terms & conditions.

Failure to park in accordance with the West Sussex County Council Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) or to comply with the terms and conditions of your permit may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Please go to the West Sussex County Council website to view the TRO.

If the council suspects that the permit is being misused, it reserves the right to withdraw or cancel a permit at any time.

Change of registration (additional vehicle registrations)


If you need to change a registration (or an additional registration) on your resident's permit, an administration charge of £5.00 will apply for the issue of a replacement. Please return the permit and a valid V5 Document for the new vehicle. A registration cannot be amended or added without these being supplied. The Permit Holder must allow at least 36 hours for the permit to be reproduced with the new details and also consider council opening hours, Bank and Public holidays. All permits are sent 2nd class.


Lost permits

In the event of a permit being lost, an administration charge of £10.00 will apply for the issue of a replacement. Please see the 'Permit Changes Form' which can be printed, completed and returned to Parking Services. The permit holder must allow at least 36 hours for the permit to be reproduced and also consider council opening hours, Bank and Public holidays. All permits are sent 2nd class.

Renewing a permit

If renewing an existing permit, please ensure that you allow 7 days before the expiry date to receive your new permit.

Please also provide V5 document (log book of the vehicle) and proof of residency in the form of a council tax bill, a utility bill or bank statement (dated within the last 3 months). Without this information we may not be able to renew a permit.

Permit holders should allow 3 working days for delivery, (2nd class post) and should not park in a resident's bay until the permit or alternative exemption is displayed. When a resident's permit is due to expire, Parking Services will send a renewal reminder letter/email. However, it remains the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that the permit is renewed and we recommend making a calendar note to ensure that you receive your renewed permit in sufficient time.


To request a refund, the permit must be returned to Parking Services. Refunds can only be issued for the remaining full months of the Permit. This will be payable by BACS Transfer to the original payment card and a refund form must be filled out. If the refund needs to be transferred to a different card please fill in this section on the refund form. These can be printed out.



The council has a duty to protect the public funds it administers. To prevent and assist in the detection of fraud, the information you provide on any forms may be shared with other public bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds. This includes checks on credit reference agencies and taking part in the National Audit Office's Fraud Initiative. For further information, see the National Fraud Initiative page on the West Sussex County Council website.

Any person making a false statement for the purpose of obtaining a residents' parking permit shall be guilty of an offence (Section 115 (2) Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984).