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If water is coming into your property, call 999 and ask for the fire brigade. 

Please see the related sandbag suppliers document with information on where to obtain sandbags. For enquiries during office hours contact Emergency Planning.

Our Chichester District Council emergency flood information line is 01243534616. Alternatively, you can email


Sandbag Suppliers in West Sussex (Word doc) [41KB]

Sandbag Protocols (Word doc) [23KB]

Local Authorities do not have a statutory duty to provide sandbags to residents or businesses. This being the case, we do hold a stock of sandbags which will be supplied to residents only, under certain and limited circumstances. The supply will be dependant on the level of flooding to the local area and the amount of resources available.

The overall priority is to use sandbags to maximum efficiency to protect as many households as possible. This will involve diverting water away from homes.


Priority will also be given to protecting infrastructure such as electrical sub stations or keeping essential access routes open for emergency, and essential, services.

Householders are encouraged to plan for and put in place their own flood protection measures as there is no guarantees that we will be able to supply you with sandbags. Further information can be found on the Preparing for Flooding page.

Sandbags will only be supplied to a residence that is in immediate threat of flooding i.e. the water is at the door step and there is a serious threat the water will come into the property. In most cases you will be charged for this service.

Please be aware that any sandbags supplied will remain your responsibility. We do not collect sandbags after use.

Sandbags will not be supplied in the following circumstances:

  • the flooding relates to business or commercial premises.
  • the foundations of the property are porous i.e. earth with floorboards on top. Some very old buildings have this type of construction. Sandbags will not stop water coming into the property.
  • flooded gardens, garages or outbuildings.
  • if you have been supplied with sandbags before.
  • the property is already flooded.
  • you are able to make your own arrangements i.e. you have access to a vehicle and the requirement for sandbags occurs during trading hours.

Please do not call Chichester District Council if any of the above statements apply, as we will not be able to assist you. Refer to the offsite link for sandbag suppliers in the district or consider using Yellow pages or the internet.

If you are unable to get hold of sandbags at short notice consider filling pillow cases or refuse sacks with soil or sand.