Each year the Electoral Services department sends a Household Enquiry form to every household in the district. These list the eligible electors currently registered at that address.

The annual canvass for the Register of Electors for 2019 commences in August 2018. Once received, householders must respond as soon as possible to confirm or change their details.

Responding is easy

Householders can respond in 3 ways;

  • by return of the form;
  • online; or,
  • over the phone

Responding online

You can respond by going to the  household update services  that are printed on the enquiry forms and following the step by step instructions. The online service allows you to add an elector, delete an elector and make name changes. you can also request a postal vote and opt out of the open register. Once you have responded online, there is no need to return your enquiry form.

Respond by telephone

By phoning: Freephone 0800 197 9871 (24 hours), with your security codes that are printed on the enquiry forms. The telephone service is only available for no changes to the details on the form. Once you have responded using the telephone service, there is no need to return your enquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to respond every year?

The law says that you have to respond every year so that the correct details are listed on the Register of Electors whether or not you are already registered and even if you have been registering at the same address for many years.

What if I don't respond?

By law, you must respond. If you do not you could be fined. Your credit rating could be affected if you do not appear on the electoral register.

If you do not respond, all names for the household may be removed from the register.

I have sent back the household enquiry form, why have I and the other people in the property now received another form to fill in?

Responding to the household enquiry form does not register you. The information you provide will enable us to send a separate invitation to register to everyone in your household.

I opted out of the Open Register last year; will I still be opted out?

You must tick the 'Opt out' section of the registration form every time you re-register and during every canvass, otherwise you will automatically be put back onto the open register each year. If you wish to permanently opt out you can do this in writing or via email.

This is my second home, do I need to return the household enquiry form even if I do not wish to register at this address?

You must return the form even if it is a second home. There is space on the form to tick that it is a second home and you do not wish to register. You can register at a second property if it is in a different local authority area to your main home, as you are entitled to vote in local elections in both areas.

Do I need to return the household enquiry form if no one is eligible to vote in the property?

You must tick the box 'no one eligible to vote' and return the form.