This page shows results of consultations we have run over the last two years. Full details of all consultations are available on request - please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Events Strategy survey - 2019

We Asked:

A dedicated Events Officer was appointed to help create a strategy for the council which aims to set out what sort of events will bring out the best of Chichester District. We asked you what type of events you would like to see across the district to help us create this new events strategy.

You Said:

  • 296 responses were received to the online survey between 27 May and 29 July 2019. 22 respondents said their response represents more than one person, so if we take these numbers into account the views of 1,613 individuals were recorded in this consultation
  • The events respondents most often attended were markets and film events e.g. open air cinema etc.
  • The main reasons for respondents not attending events in the Chichester District were being unaware of what's on and not being interested in the types of events held here
  • Most respondents usually hear about events via social media or from friends and family
  • 62.8% of respondents feel there are not enough events in the Chichester District and only 0.7% (2) said there are too many events
  • 'Music' and 'food and drink' were the two most popular types of events that respondents would like to see more of
  • 77.2% would like to see more events in parks and green spaces, specifically Priory Park and Oaklands Park
  • 76.2% would like to see more events in city and town centres, particularly Chichester and Midhurst
  • Low cost events would encourage respondents to attend more, as well as family friendly activities and interesting themes / subjects
  • Almost half would like to see more markets across the district, specifically food and drink markets and craft markets.

We Did:

The feedback is being used to help form the Events Strategy, which aims to establish a year-round programme of events that meets the needs of the district's communities. We want to promote Chichester District to raise the profile of the area and positively contribute to the local economy and cultural experience. We are grateful for your feedback which is helping us create an Events Strategy to highlight Chichester as a destination experience in line with council priorities and visions.

Housing Strategy survey - 2019

We asked:

About your priorities and views about housing in the Chichester District to help us create a new Housing Strategy.

You said:

  • There were a few common comments throughout the consultation: 'affordable housing is not affordable to those on a lower income,' 'appropriate infrastructure needs to be in place for any new building,' 'social housing should go to those who need it,' and 'landlords and their properties should be subject to regular checks'

  • Most respondents were keen to have more affordable homes to buy and to rent - they felt these properties are sorely needed to allow younger people to stay in / move to Chichester District which will help diversify the local workforce

  • The majority of respondents felt that homeless households should be given top priority on the housing register

  • Respondents felt that renting privately (and the up front costs associated with this) and a lack of available social housing were the two main contributing factors to homelessness in Chichester District - there were also comments about how easy it is to fall into debt, the inefficiencies of the benefits system and a lack of jobs in the area

  • 7 in 10 respondents believe the council should provide financial help to the most vulnerable households to  make sure their houses are free from serious hazards to their health and safety

  • 7 in 10 respondents support community led housing.

We did:

Housing Services are using the feedback from residents, businesses and stakeholders across the district to help inform the development of our new Housing  Strategy. This strategy will show how we will use our resources to best meet the housing needs of local people, as well as facilitating economic growth and providing sustainability to our local communities.

To find out more, visit our Housing strategies and studies web page .

Economic Development Strategy survey 2018

We asked:

We asked Chichester businesses about their experience of doing business in Chichester and what they would ideally expect to see in terms of Business Support.

You said:

  • 154 responses were received to the online survey
  • Respondents feel that availability of good quality space is important to the success of their business growth
  • Increasing costs, generally and specifically in relation to business premises, was a common concern, with Brexit as an additional point of financial uncertainty
  • Many respondents felt that there is a need for a more linked up journey between different departments at the council
  • When asked whether they felt Brexit would affect their business there was a mixed response with high levels of uncertainty (34%). Almost 2 in 5 felt they would be affected and 27.5% felt they would not

We did:

Our Economic Development team are using the feedback from businesses across the district to help inform the updating of our Economic Development Strategy. This strategy will set out how we can best create an environment for businesses to thrive in the Chichester District.

To find out more, visit our Business advice and support web page .

Initiatives magazine feedback survey - 2018

We asked:

What you think about initiatives magazine, how we can improve it and how you use it.

You said:

  • 140 responses were received, an increase of 50.5% from a similar survey in 2015

  • 82% of respondents read every issue of initiatives and 91.5% feel it is informative

  • Many feel the magazine is effective and valuable in its current form but there were several suggestions as to how the magazine could be improved

  • 76.3% of respondents use initiatives magazine to find news from Chichester District Council

  • Some respondents felt there should be a telephone number to call for each section, because signposting to the website for more information can be isolating for those without internet access

We did:

We are taking into account all comments and suggestions for improvement. We want to make sure initiatives magazine is valuable for everyone, whether you have access to the internet or not.

You can find out more about initiatives magazine by visiting our initiatives magazine web page..

Council Tax Reduction scheme survey - 2018

We asked:

What you thought of the changes we suggested about the Council Tax Reduction scheme for the following financial year - 2019/20

You said:

  • 107 responses were received over the 8 week consultation period
  • Most respondents (7 in 10) pay council tax to Chichester District Council but do not receive council tax reduction.
  • 86.9% of respondents agree that council tax reduction and Housing Benefit claims should start on the same day

  • 3 quarters of respondents agree that the existing banded scheme should be expanded to include all working age claims

  • Over 4 in 5 respondents said they would support not changing Council Tax Reduction entitlement if a claimant's income increases or decreases by a small amount

There were high levels of uncertainty around most questions. This is likely due to the complex nature of the subject of this consultation.

We did:

We changed some parts of the Council Tax Reduction scheme for 2019/20. But the questions we asked about the future of the scheme (beyond 2019/20) were not clear enough. So we did not introduce these changes but instead decided to ask your opinions again, closer to the time. Making sure we explain clearly and include enough detail so you understand what we're suggesting and can feel confident giving your views.

You can find out more about our current Council Tax Reduction scheme by visiting our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction web page.

Community Warden feedback survey - 2018

We asked:

You to tell us about your experience with our Community Wardens

You said:

  • 182 people shared their views on our Community Warden service and 78.1% felt that the wardens' presence had made a positive impact in their area.
  • At least 7 in 10 respondents said they always find the Community Wardens to be helpful, friendly, approachable and courteous.
  • Most choose to contact a warden because other services or agencies (e.g. the police) are not readily available and aren't always the most appropriate to contact about low level matters such as minor anti-social behaviour.
  • Most respondents (67.8%) feel the wardens should be awarded more powers. The most popular were dog fouling (96.6%) and litter enforcement (94.9%).

We did:

We appreciated your feedback and kind words about our Community Wardens and the work they do in the area. After looking through the positive responses we agreed that the Community Wardens play a very important role in their communities and we renewed the service for another 3 years.

You can find out more about our Community Wardens by visiting their page on our website: Community Wardens webpage

Southern Gateway masterplan consultation - 2017

We asked:

What you thought of the masterplan for the Southern Gateway area and what it proposed

You said:

  • 350 people shared their views on the Southern Gateway masterplan.
  • There were a significant number of comments suggesting a bridge over the railway and the alternative 'Freeflow' masterplan may have had an influence on the volume of these comments.
  • 88.2% agreed that the Southern Gateway area could be improved.
  • Level crossings, traffic, community buildings and cycle routes were common themes throughout the consultation.
  • 54.7% of respondents support the masterplan in principle.

We did:

We listened to your views, including those about alternative solutions to the level crossings, but we could only include options that we know we can follow through with in the masterplan. What's in the masterplan was based on evidence from studies that were done by experts. The masterplan was debated and approved in November 2017.

You can find out more about the Southern Gateway masterplan and the regeneration of the area by visiting our Southern Gateway web page

Council Tax Reduction scheme consultation - 2017

We asked:

What you thought of the changes we proposed to the Council Tax Reduction scheme for the following financial year - 2018/19

You said:

  • The annual survey about proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme received 71 responses.
  • A banded scheme was proposed which would take into account the number of people (including children) living in a property as well as their income and calculate a percentage reduction for their council tax. Overall, the banded scheme was preferred by respondents.
  • If the banded scheme were to be adopted there is a risk that the scheme will not protect those in vulnerable circumstances. A solution to this could be to set up a discretionary hardship fund which is more flexible to those in difficult circumstances. 8 in 10 agreed that the hardship fund was a good idea.

We did:

We took your views into account and the banded scheme was approved by our councillors in November 2017.

To find out more about the current Council Tax Reduction scheme please visit our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction web page.

General market trial consultation - 2017

We asked:

How you felt the trial of the general market was going. The market had been running on Wednesdays in the city centre on a trial basis for 6 months when we asked what you thought of it.

You said:

  • Businesses are not satisfied with the market as it currently stands.
  • There are some issues with quality, position and presentation that need to be addressed before the city centre businesses will see a significant benefit to having the market in this location.
  • Residents, although much more positive about the Wednesday market in the precinct, also agreed position, presentation and quality of goods could be improved, but there were quite a few comments saying that the market livens up the city centre.
  • The traders are very much in favour of the market in the city centre location which is likely to be due to the increase in their sales in this location.

We did:

We discussed the market trial at two separate meetings and decided that with a few changes the market would be a success so the contract was agreed for another 2 years.

You can find out more about the general market on our General markets web page.

Proposed Public Space Protection Order: Control of Dogs consultation - 2017

We asked:

What you thought of the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) that we proposed which covered dog fouling, making sure dogs aren't aggravating protected wildlife by keeping them on a lead in certain situations and areas, and also about where dogs should never be allowed to go

You said:

  • The majority of respondents (over 83%) agreed that dog owners should have to pick up after their dogs in places like footpaths, playing fields and cemeteries.
  • 64.8% of respondents (105) agreed that the dogs on leads by direction part of the order should apply to Fishbourne Channel.
  • 9 in 10 respondents agreed that dogs should not be allowed in children's play areas all year round.

We did:

We introduced the PSPO after seeing the level of support we received in the questionnaire. It is now fully in place.

You can find out more about the approved Public Space Protection Order on our Dog advice and information web page.

Chichester Vision consultation - 2017

We asked:

What you thought of our draft Chichester Vision document which was designed as a blueprint for the future of Chichester City centre

You said:

  • Over two thirds of respondents agreed with the over-arching Vision statement and there was agreement across the board for the individual statements and aims throughout the survey. However, in the open comments respondents said the over-arching Vision statement was too vague and did not want to commit without enough information.
  • After making some changes in response to the results of the consultation, the Chichester Vision document has now been adopted.

We did:

We made some changes to the Vision after reading your views about it. We then presented the document to our councillors who decided to approve it - so the Chichester Vision has now been adopted.

You can find out more about the Chichester Vision on our City and town visions web page.