Pay a non-commercial society registration annual fee

A registration allows a non-commercial society to undertake small society lotteries subject to an annual fee of £20 being paid. 

In order to make the annual fee payment online you will need to provide:

  • your details;
  • the society details (name and head office address);
  • the society registration number; and
  • the payment details.

Pay a premises licence application fee

These premises licence application fees can now be made online:

  • Application for a new premises licence*
  • Full variation*
  • Minor variation
  • Transfer
  • Vary DPS
  • Application by a management committee for the alternative alcohol condition at a community premises
  • Application for a provisional statement
  • Submission of an interim authority notice
  • Notification of interest in premises

*Applications fees for a new/full variation of a Premises Licence are based on the non-domestic rateable value of each premise. Values are split into five bandings, A-E. Please review our  alcohol licensing fees page before making a payment. If you are unsure of your value, please contact the Licensing Team.

Pay a personal licence application fee

This Payment Button can be used to make the application fee of £37 in order to accompany a valid new Personal Licence Application (you will not need any reference in order to make this payment). 

Pay a Temporary Event Notice fee

This Payment Button can be used to make the required fee of £21 in order that a correct and complete Temporary Event Notice form can be processed.