All car park season tickets are digital, which means there is nothing to display as all information is held against a vehicle registration. When purchasing season tickets through MiPermit, all customers are required to agree to season ticket terms and conditions, which also contain useful information about the season ticket. 

Apply or renew a season ticket

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Season ticket parking locations

Please view Season tickets parking locations.

X roving season tickets

X roving season tickets are available for use in the following outer city car parks:

  • Please ensure you read and agree to the Season ticket terms & conditions.
  • Basin Road
  • Cattle Market (area to the south of the east/west roadways leading from either side of the mini roundabout only).
  • Northgate (Area north (Festival Theatre side) of the access road between Northgate and the tennis courts entrance off Oaklands Way only).
Duration of roving season ticketX roving season ticket cost
1 month£56.00
2 months£112.00
3 months£168.00
4 months£224.00
5 months£280.00
6 months£319.20 Purchase 6 months and save £16.80
7 months£392.00
8 months£448.00
9 months£468.72 Purchase 9 months and save £35.28
10 months£560.00
11 months£616.00
12 months£616.00 Purchase 12 months and save £56.00

Part-time X roving season ticket

  • Part-time roving season ticket holders are required to activate their stay when parking through MiPermit. Unused stays will not be redeemable following the expiry of the ticket duration. 
  • 12 stays per month at £34 per month.
Duration of season ticketSeason ticket cost
1 month£34.00
2 months£68.00
3 months£102.00
4 months£136.00
5 months£170.00
6 months£204.00
7 months£238.00
8 months£272.00
9 months£306.00
10 months£340.00
11 months£374.00
12 months£408.00

Avenue de Chartres season ticket

  • The Avenue de Chartres season ticket is available for use by commuters using the Avenue de Chartres car park.
costs ADC Season ticket costs
Duration of Avenue de Chartres Season ticketAvenue de Chartres Season ticket cost
1 month£48.00
2 months£96.00
3 months£144.00
4 months£192.00
5 months£240.00
6 months£273.60 Purchase 6 months and save £14.40
7 months£336.00
8 months£384.00
9 months£401.76 Purchase 6 months and save £30.24
10 months£480.00
11 months£528.00
12 months£528.00 Purchase 6 months and save £48.00

Rural & Coastal season tickets

Rural & coastal season tickets can be used in:

  • Pound Street in Petworth (rear section or the car park)
  • Grange Road, Post Office or North Street in Midhurst
  • East Beach or East Street, Selsey
  • Marine Drive, East Wittering.

Please note: Marine Drive and East Beach are seasonal car parks and season tickets are only available from April to October. Season tickets can be purchased for 1 to 7 months.

Period of rural & coastal season ticketRural & coastal season ticket cost
1 month£18.00
2 months£36.00
3 months£54.00
4 months£72.00
5 months£90.00
6 months£108.00
7 months£126.00
8 months£144.00
9 months£162.00
10 months£180.00
11 months£198.00
12 months£216.00

Bosham car park season ticket

Period of Bosham season ticketBosham season ticket cost
1 month£20.50
2 months£41.00
3 months£61.50
4 months£82.00
5 months£102.50
6 months£123.00
7 months£143.50
8 months£164.00
9 months£184.50
10 months£205.00
11 months£225.50
12 months£246.00

Specific season tickets

A specific season ticket guarantees a parking space from Monday to Friday in one of the following two car parks located within a short walk from the city centre:

  • Market Road (A),
  • Orchard Street (D), area north of the entrance nearest the roundabout only

A season ticket is also valid for use on Saturday or Sunday. However, a space is not guaranteed. 

  • Market Road (A) season tickets can be used in any space with the exception of parking spaces allocated for a specific user.
  • Orchard Street (D) can only be used in the area north of the entrance nearest the roundabout.
  • Please ensure you read and agree to the Season ticket terms & conditions.
costs Period of Specific Season ticket costs
Period of Specific Season ticketSpecific Season ticket cost
1 month£90.00
2 months£180.00
3 months£270.00
4 months£360.00
5 months£450.00
6 months£513.00 Purchase 6 months and save £27.00
7 months£630.00
8 months£720.00
9 months£753.30 Purchase 6 months and save £56.70
10 months£900.00
11 months£990.00
12 months£990.00 Purchase 6 months and save £90.00

How to request a refund on a paper season ticket

  • The season ticket must be returned to Parking Services.
  • Refunds can only be issued for the remaining full months of the season ticket. This will be payable by bank transfer.
  • If you have a MiPermit season ticket, please contact, or phone: 0345 520 7007.

Parking waiting lists

Chichester District Council manage Resident Parking Permits on behalf of West Sussex County Council.

Find out more on our parking waiting list page.