1. When purchasing a Season Ticket the name supplied will be deemed as the Season Ticket holder. The Season Ticket Holder is responsible for ensuring that all the Season Ticket details are up to date.

2. The fact that a payment has been forwarded does not guarantee that a Season Ticket will be issued.

3. A maximum of one vehicle registration mark can be registered against the Season Ticket at one time.

4. Possession of a Season Ticket does not guarantee the availability of a space for the holder to park.

5. A person or administrator purchasing Season Tickets for other users should ensure that they inform and supply all users or the holder of the Season Ticket with the Terms & Conditions.

6. To request a refund, the Season Ticket Holder should email Mipermit at help@mipermit.com, clearly stating that a refund is being requested for a Chichester District Council Season Ticket, the name of your season ticket and supplying the season ticket holder's name, email address and vehicle registration. Refunds can only be issued for the remaining full months of the Season Ticket and will be calculated from the date on which the request is received by Mipermit. Mipermit will process the refund.

7. A Season Ticket is considered valid from the chosen start date supplied at the time of purchase.

8. Season Tickets can be renewed up to 14 days before the date of expiry. It is the responsibility of the Season Ticket Holder to ensure that the Season Ticket is renewed prior to leaving a vehicle parked.

9. If a Season Ticket is not renewed 14 days after the date of expiry it may be necessary to apply for a new Season Ticket or join a waiting list, if applicable.

10. A renewed Season ticket will be valid from the date that the renewal payment is made and not the date after the previous season ticket expires

11. It is the responsibility of the season ticket holder to update the vehicle registration logged against the season ticket prior to leaving the vehicle parked. For queries and updates relating to a season ticket please use your MiPermit online account, MiPermit App or you can call 0345 520 7007 or email help@mipermit.com

12. Council and Mipermit office opening hours on Bank Holidays, Public holidays and the Christmas period should be taken into consideration.

13. Should a Season Ticket Holder choose to purchase and/or manage a Season Ticket online, it is the Season Ticket Holders responsibility to:

:a) ensure that the phone or other devise is sufficiently charged to ensure the necessary update/renewal is made prior to parking the vehicle.

b) check the accuracy of the Season Ticket details which have been provided as Chichester District Council cannot be held responsible for customer errors which result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

14. Internet access or connectivity/signal difficulties are not considered valid reasons for a vehicle to park without a valid Season Ticket as it is the responsibility of the Season Ticket Holder to ensure that the season ticket is valid prior to parking.

15. Leaving a vehicle in a part of a car park not allocated for season ticket holders will render the Season Ticket void and the standard charges applicable to the car park in which the vehicle is parked will need to be paid.

16. The Season Ticket Holder can use any parking space in the car park for which the season ticket was issued with the exception of parking spaces allocated for a specific user.

17. It is the responsibility of the Season Ticket Holder to obtain information as to where the Season Ticket is valid. Maps are provided below these Terms and Conditions and information can also be found at www.chichester.gov.uk or requested from the Council.

18. The number of Season Tickets available in each car park will be restricted.

19. The vehicle for which the Season Ticket applies must be parked wholly within the markings of a bay. If this is not possible alternative parking must be found.

20. The council reserves the right to vary its parking arrangements at any time without notice.

21. If a Season Ticket is suspected of being misused it will be withdrawn.

22. It is only permitted to use a Season Ticket for the purpose of parking a vehicle.

23. Chichester District Council accepts no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle including the fittings or contents.

24. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions and the Chichester District Council Parking Order may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Please go to www.chichester.gov.uk to view the Parking Order.

25. Chichester District Council uses the data you provide to process parking season tickets which are issued in respect of off-street parking places. All processes are carried out using secure systems. The data is required to carry out the efficient provision of parking services within the administrative District. The information you provide will only be used for the parking related purposes for which it was obtained. For further information please see Chichester District Council's compliance with the Data protection and freedom of information. You can also view the Mipermit privacy policy .

Season ticket areas in car parks

If your season ticket is valid in any of the following car parks, it is only permitted to park in designated season ticket holder areas;

Pound Street Car Park - Petworth

(Area to the rear of the car park)

Location of x roving ticket spaces in Pound Street car park

Cattle Market and Northgate Car Park - Chichester



(Only the area North Festival theartre side of the access road between Northgate and the tennis courts entrance of Oaklands Way.

Location of x roving ticket spaces in Northgate car park

Cattle Market

Only the area beyond the mini roundabout, which is marked by a whiteline

Location of x roving ticket spaces in cattle market

D, Orchard Street Car Park - Chichester

(Only the area north of the entrance nearest the roundabout)

Location of x roving ticket spaces in Orchard Street car park

Last updated: June 2019