Premises/Personal Licence holders and Designated Premises Supervisors (DPS) are required under the Licensing Act 2003 to notify us as soon as possible of a change to their name and/or address. Please note that if you are named on a Premises Licence and also hold a Personal Licence issued by this Licensing Authority, you will need to complete both forms L42 and L43.

In addition, holders of a Premises/Personal Licence or Club Premises Certificate must also notify us immediately if their licence/certificate is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed and request a replacement using form L54, L44 or L68.

If an individual wishes to cease being the DPS at a particular premises, they can notify this Authority using form L45.

Holders of a Premises/Personal Licence or Club Premises Certificate who do not wish to continue to hold a licence/certificate can formally surrender it using form L46, L79 or L67.