Club premises certificate Personal licence

Personal Licences authorise individuals to make, or authorise others to make on their behalf, retail sales of alcohol. This does not permit sales from any premises, but applies only to those which have also been granted a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 which includes the retail sale of alcohol as a licensable activity.

Once granted a Personal Licence has effect until such time that it is forfeited, suspended or surrendered.

Please note that a correct and complete application (forms, supporting documents and fee) must be received by this Licensing Authority in order that we can validate an application, incomplete applications are regarded as having not been properly made and will not be accepted

Criminal conviction check reminder 

As stated in the applicant guidance (which should be read before submitting an application), in all cases, the certificate or search results for a criminal convictions search must not have been issued earlier than one calendar month prior to the submission of a valid application to the authority. 


You can pay a personal licence application fee online. 


Premises licence

Available below are the main application and supporting forms for the grant, variation and transfer of a Premises Licence, application for a Provisional Statement as well as submission of an Interim Authority Notice or Notification of an Interest in Premises. Please carefully read the relevant enquiry letter and applicant guidance booklet as these will assist in the submission of a valid application.

New or full variation application adverts

Please note that when submitting a new or variation Premises Licence application, this Licensing Authority always recommends that you do not place the advert in the newspaper until you have received confirmation that the application has been accepted as valid. This avoids the need for the advert to be placed again if the application transpires to be invalid, as this is a costly element of the application.


You can pay a premises licence application fee online. 

Application by a Management Committee for the Alternative Alcohol Condition at a Community Premises
Application for a Provisional Statement
Submission of an Interim Authority Notice